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What Are Fuuties™?

Fuuties™ are thin, stick-on, protective insoles to keep YOUR footies safe from the elements!  An environmentally friendly minimalist’s dream – they’re made with a hospital grade adhesive and are infused with a patent-pending antimicrobial barrier to protect from the tiny organisms that can be found in damp environments.  Fuuties™ are designed and produced to ensure that no humans or fur-friends are harmed.  They’re vegan and barefoot friendly!

How Do You Put on Fuuties?

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Black Fuuties


Pink Fuuties


Blue Fuuties


Where Can You Wear Fuuties™?

You can wear Fuuties™ everywhere you need extra protection but when you don’t necessarily want to wear shoes.  Think minimalist!  Space saving while packing for a cruise, wear them during your daily workouts, boating, at the beach, on a hot pool deck, to the water park with the family, or even just washing your car at home! The uses for Fuuties™ are only limited by your own imagination!

How do you put Fuuties™ on?

Fuuties™ are very easy to put on and take off.  There are a couple of options-

Sitting down, peel each Fuuties™ off one at a time, and place them on each foot. (see video)
Or, peel the Fuuties™ off, place them on the floor in front of you and carefully step onto them.

What size should I buy?

Below is a size chart for our Fuuties™.  If you wear a half size it is recommended that you round up to the next larger size.

Fuuties™ For Dogs

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