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Are Fuuties™ Reusable?

A: Not currently, Fuuties™ are a disposable product.

Do Fuuties™ work in water?

A: Yes. Fuuties™ are waterproof. However, if you stay in the water for too long, the adhesive may lose part of its adhesion. Especially, if the insole stay in contact with liquids at high temperatures (eg: too hot water)

What sizes Fuuties™ would I wear?

A: Click here to check our size chart.

How Do You Put on Fuuties?

How long do they last?

A: Depends on the use, if not used in water can last longer than 24 hours.

Are they hypoallergenic?

A: Yes, the adhesive layer is made up of certified                  pharmaceuticals and hypoallergenic materials

What kind of protection does it provide?

  A: Can protect from skin fungus, infections, and surface cuts.

Are Fuuties™ recyclable?

A: Yes, Fuuties™ are a recyclable product.

Are Fuuties™ heat-resistant?

A: Thanks to Fuuties™ you can walk without burning your feet on hot surfaces, such as sand or concrete.

What kind of surfaces are Fuuties™ suitable for?

A: For all surfaces where you usually walk barefoot: sand, rock, marble, concrete, wood and even grass

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