Shoes for Bass Fishing

Bass fishermen need good shoes. The best bass fishing shoes are ones that grip and yet don’t dirty your boat. If you haven’t tried Fuuties, the top requests we get is using them for bass fishing, boating and yoga. Bass fisherman have given Fuuties 5 star ratings for using these as their favorite shoes for Bass fishing.

The Best Shoes for Boating

Many boaters are afraid to have people step on their boat with street shoes. For a good reason! Fuuties are a great way to be prepared for guests without feeling bad about being rude. Our fans keep Fuuties in a basket for people to pick as they board.

“Is Thicker Better?”

Occasionally we are asked, why aren’t FuutiesTM thicker?  Surely it seems like a simple question that one would ask.  Their rationale is that if the FuutiesTM were a bit thicker then they would protect us more from the sharp objects on the ground and the heat from hot surfaces.  Well, the answer is that there’s a tradeoff associated with going thicker.  If we made them thicker, then they would have the propensity to bow and flex in the arch area and the glue would not hold.  The arch area would be the first to give way but just about all surfaces would lose their stickiness due to the articulation of the foot.  And…. A picture is worth a thousand words!

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