Who wants to own the closest shoes to being barefoot as you can possibly buy?  Well, look no further!  Our Fuuties are the perfect barefoot shoe that is geared towards the most hard core minimalist.  There is no arch support or any other cushioning to impede your natural step.

Benefits of Using Barefoot Shoes

We all know the benefits of going barefoot, now there is a product that truly supports that philosophy.  The only thing that fuuties will protect your feet from are some of the sharp objects that could be on the ground.  This will allow you to gradually build up the calluses on your feet in order to go completely bare.

Why Wear Stick on Soles for Bare Feet?

Guess what a key benefit of wearing fuuties stick on soles is?  They allow you to tolerate more heat!  For example, if you could stand on hot sand for 15 seconds barefoot, then you would be able to tolerate the heat for an additional 15 seconds or more with your fuuties!  That’s a lot of time when you are trying to walk across hot sand at the beach!

Stick on Soles for Bare FeetBest barefoot shoes for pets

Best Barefoot Shoes

Our fuuties allows heat and cold to pass through so that you truly get a naked feeling but they do protect enough to allow more time in the extreme temperature conditions.

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