Best Boating Shoes

Boat owners may know the pain of someone stepping on their boat with street shoes, improper footwear or no footwear. Whether you feel comfortable having that conversation about what to wear or not to wear, we can help! The best boating shoes are ones that are clean and don’t scuff your beautiful boat. Many of our happy Fuuties customers rave about how we provide the best boating shoes experience they’ve had. Keep a bunch nearby for guests so that its easy to join in.

best boating shoes

FuutiesTM and Boating

Raise your hand if you know a boat owner who doesn’t allow shoes on their boats!  Now raise your hand up your feet have ever burned up on one of those hot decks!  Well, FuutiesTM can benefit both equity holders in this situation!  FuutiesTM are the perfect solution to the boat owner’s problem of getting scuff marks on their decks and for those enjoying boat rides not to burn their feet on the hot decks!  We have the best of both worlds now so that everybody is happen and can enjoy the ride..  From yachting, to boat parties, to sport fishing, there’s a fit for FuutiesTM in the boating equation!  Sport fishermen will love the fact that there will be no more #sandletan !

sandle tan

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