With summer heating up, now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the extreme summer sale that we have on fuuties right now! They are perfect for you all that plan on taking a vacation in a sunny climate with lots of blue water!

Beware of Hot Surfaces This Summer!

sandle tan

Speaking of..aren’t those pool decks and sandy beaches scorching hot right now?? I hope they are!! That’s the point right?

How to Protect Feet from Hot Surfaces

Anyway, take your Fuuties with you because they are perfect for giving you protection from those hot surfaces and they’ll hold up to light duty wet work as well!

Tips for the Pool and Beach Fun

They probably won’t last long swimming laps but if you occasionally hit your boiling point and have to get in the water then they’ll be just fine! Just step on a towel when you get out to dry them a bit and keep it moving! #fuutiesyall

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