Here’s a little pro tip from one of our customers.  Everyone has different feet which we can all agree to.

Naked Fit Tips

NakedFit Pro Tips From the Fuuties Experts

Even our toes differ from each other and what could be considered comfortable to one person might not be comfortable to the next.  Our fuuties come standard with the 4 smaller toes joined together because a majority of our customers have toes that move in a way that having them together doesn’t matter.

Freedom in Your Barefoot Shoes

If your toes need a little more freedom of maneuver then we suggest that you cut the toes, BEFORE applying them to your feet!  See attached picture from @bootsiepachi.  She uses here fuuties for yoga practice and needs more articulation in the toe area.  She also has no problem wearing mix matched fuuties to stand out!  #fuutiesyall

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