Have You Seen Some of Our Competitors? Naked Fit vs Hidden Shoes vs Store Brand?

We have a customer that is running a comprehensive, head to head test between fuuties and our competitor..  It’s too early to let the cat out of the bag and identify who it is but here is an excerpt from one of his early emails.

Mystery Competitor and Some Scientific Tests

“I want to do moisture vapour transmission tests because I think fuuties are going to show a better result. When taking the pads off I noticed a distinct “sweaty foot” odour from the competitor and none from fuuties. I think this would be down to two things; 1 you have a built in bacterial barrier and 2 by allowing the foot to breath the bacterial count will be much lower.”  Yes, Yes!!  Fuuties are truly infused with an antimicrobial treatment and are made of a breathable material!! Bingo!!!   🙂
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